About the ABPI

The ABPI represents innovative resea​rch-based biopharmaceutical companies, large, medium and small, leading an exciting new era of biosciences in the UK.

Our industry, a major contributor to the economy of the UK, brings life-saving and life-enhancing medicines to patients. We represent companies who supply more than 80 per cent of all branded medicines used by the NHS and who are researching and developing the majority of the current medicines pipeline, ensuring that the UK remains at the forefront of helping patients prevent and overcome disease.

Globally our industry is researching and developing more than 7,000 new medicines.

The ABPI is recognised by government as the industry body negotiating on behalf of the branded pharmaceutical industry for statutory consultation requirements including the pricing scheme for medicines in the UK.​​​​​​​

Table showing 2018 Disclosure UK data




What was the total transfer of value disclosed for 2018?

£508.1 million

£499.3 million

How much did the industry spend on R&D collaborations with HCPs and HCOs?

£377.3 million

£370.9 million

What percentage increase was there in R&D spend vs. the previous year?



How much was spent on HCPs and HCOs for non-R&D collaborations?

£130.8 million

£128.4 million

How much of the non-R&D value was against a named person or organisation?

£108.7 million

£104.8 million

What percentage of the non-R&D value is disclosed against a named person or organisation?



How much was spent on the following:



Registration fees

£3.5 million

£3.9 million


Sponsorship agreements with HCOs/3rd parties

£28.9 million

£23.9 million


Travel and accommodation

£9.8 million

£10.1 million


Donations and grants to HCOs

£26.2 million

£31 million



£50.5 million

£48.9 million


Related expenses agreed in the fee for services or consultancy contract

£6.8 million

£6 million


Joint Working

£5.2 million

£4.6 million

How many companies disclosed 2018 data?



What was the consent rate for non-R&D spend to HCPs?




*As defined in the ABPI Code of Practice, pharmaceutical companies must disclose their spend in individual categories. The following are some examples of what each category includes. More information in How we work with HCPs and How we work with HCOs.

Non-R&D spend includes:

  • Registration fees – e.g. a company paying for an HCP to attend a medical conference for education and training.
  • Sponsorship agreements with HCOs/3rd parties – e.g. a company may fund a third party to run a training seminar.
  • Travel and accommodation – e.g. paying for the flights or rail fare for a doctor to attend a conference.
  • Donations and grants to HCOs – e.g. buying equipment for healthcare organisations, such as medical equipment, books, or products which support disaster relief.
  • Fees – e.g. paying doctors for their time to sit on advisory boards and help with the development of medicines.
  • Related expenses agreed in the fee for services or consultancy contract – e.g. travel and accommodation requirements to support a doctor deliver the work they were contracted to do for a pharmaceutical company.
  • Joint Working are formal arrangements between the NHS and one or more pharmaceutical companies where all parties make a contribution and the outcomes are measured.

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