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Accelerate research with collaboration and resource sharing.

Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC)

Open access research empowering new medicine discovery through partnerships between industry and academia.

Division of Signal Transduction Therapy (DSTT)

Research collaborations in multiple therapeutic areas, including cancer, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease.

Milner therapeutics consortium

Speedy exchange of reagents and information for research collaboration



Support future talents with training from industry

Brighton & Sussex Medical School (BSMS) and the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (FPM)

Working together to improve the knowledge of medical undergraduates about how medicines are developed, medicines safety and the ethics of the pharmaceutical industry.



Cultivate skills to meet the future skill gaps


Career path from age 16, alternative to traditional university education that enables talented and committed individuals to learn and earn at the same time.
Find an apprenticeships or view apprenticeship data in the recent ABPI survey here.



Collaborative efforts to deliver benefits to patients

Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallization (CMAC)

Manufacturing research and training academic hub in partnership in industry for the medicine supply chain of the future.

Epilespy Research

Collaboration with the UK Epilepsy Society to find treatments for patients who do not respond to current treatments.

Target Consortium

Partnership between the industry, NHS, universities to reduce glucocorticoid toxicity and improve outcomes for patients with giant cell arteritis.


Data and Digital

Improving health by data and digital approaches

Advanced Digital Design of Pharmaceutical Therapeutics (ADDoPT)

Digital design consortium between universities and industry for effective delivery of medicines to patients.

Health Hub 2019

A digital innovation hub, designed to strengthen the interactions between industry, the NHS and health-tech startups to co-create and scale digital health solutions for the NHS and patients.

BREATHE - Health Data Research Hubs

High quality respiratory research with collaborative efforts from the industry and universities.​



Links by career development path

Partnerships between the pharmaceutical industry and academia are providing a multitude of opportunities across different career stages. In the recent ABPI survey, over 1000 links were captured between industry and academia.

Total industry/academia links
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Links by academic institutions

In the latest ABPI Industry/Academic Links Survey more than 100 academic institutions from across the UK and beyond were captured interacting with industry. Institutions with the highest numbers of links are shown in the chart below.


Career in the
Pharmaceutical industry?

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Education Level

Links between industry and academia

GCSE School visits
A level Work experience
University Career workshops
Industrial placements
MSc / PhD Graduate placements and training programmes
PhD studentships
Post-doc Research collaborations
Academic Academic consultants / spinouts


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