About the ABPI

The ABPI represents innovative resea​rch-based biopharmaceutical companies, large, medium and small, leading an exciting new era of biosciences in the UK.

Our industry, a major contributor to the economy of the UK, brings life-saving and life-enhancing medicines to patients. We represent companies who supply more than 80 per cent of all branded medicines used by the NHS and who are researching and developing the majority of the current medicines pipeline, ensuring that the UK remains at the forefront of helping patients prevent and overcome disease.

Globally our industry is researching and developing more than 7,000 new medicines.

The ABPI is recognised by government as the industry body negotiating on behalf of the branded pharmaceutical industry for statutory consultation requirements including the pricing scheme for medicines in the UK.​​​​​​​

Notes to Editor

What is CVC? 

Corporate venture capital is where pharma companies invest their own funds in emerging start-ups and is a key source of capital for biotech innovation in the UK. 

From the perspective of the biotech, CVC investment may bring access to sector-specific expertise, contacts and resources, which other finance routes may not provide. 

CVC investment is also often more patient than venture capital, as corporate investors recognise and understand the timelines involved in bringing new medicines to the clinic, and often have strategic rather than purely financial drivers for investment.​

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