About the ABPI

The ABPI exists to make the UK the best place in the world to research, develop and use new medicines. We represent companies of all sizes who invest in discovering the medicines of the future. 

Our members supply cutting edge treatments that improve and save the lives of millions of people. We work in partnership with Government and the NHS so patients can get new treatments faster and the NHS can plan how much it spends on medicines. Every day, we partner with organisations in the life sciences community and beyond to transform lives across the UK.

You can find the 2019 data on Disclosure UK by searching by pharmaceutical company - www.disclosureuk.org.uk. The more detailed data from 2018 and 2017 remains published on the database as normal.

Total categories

2019 value

2018 value

Percentage change %

What was the total transfer of value disclosed for 2019 (excluding joint working*)?

£538.2 million

£503.0 million*


How much did the industry spend on R&D collaborations with HCPs and HCOs?

£381.2 million

£377.3 million


How much was spent on HCPs and HCOs for non-R&D collaborations (excluding joint working*)?

£157.0 million

£125.7 million*


How much was spent on the following for non-R&D collaborations:


·         Registration fees

£3.6 million

£3.5 million


·         Sponsorship agreements with HCOs/3rd parties

£35.7 million

£28.9 million


·         Travel and accommodation

£10.4 million

£9.8 million


·         Donations and grants to HCOs

£43.5 million

£26.2 million


·         Fees

£56.4 million

£50.5 million


·         Related expenses agreed in the fee for services or consultancy contract

£7.5 million

£6.8 million


*Values disclosed for 2019 temporarily exclude joint working with HCOs. The Disclosure UK database is unable to publish joint-working values in aggregate, in line with the temporary change. Instead, these values have been published in companies’ individual methodological notes. For an accurate comparison between years, values for joint working have also been excluded from the 2018 figures in this press release.

‘Joint working’ definition - The Department of Health defines joint working between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry  as  situations  where,  for  the  benefit  of  patients,  one  or  more  pharmaceutical companies and the NHS pool skills, experience and/or resources for the joint development and  implementation  of  patient  centred  projects  and  share  a  commitment  to  successful delivery. (Clause 20 of 2019 ABPI Code of Practice)

Values for individually named healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations are not centrally available, due to the temporary change previously announced. This means we are currently unable to calculate the number of HCPs who agreed to be named for 2019. The normal breakdown will be published as soon as possible.

A technical statement and Q and A on the temporary change to the 2019 data on Disclosure UK is here.

To review which companies have published values against named individuals or organisations on their own websites, please visit the ‘Explore the data further’ page on Disclosure UK, and search for individual companies’ methodological notes.

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