Some companies have their global headquarters in the UK, others have large research and development sites as well as commercial and support functions. Some companies also manufacture medicines in the UK. Additional opportunities arise in companies which carry out reach and development under contract for pharmaceutical companies.

We provide information about these opportunities on our careers website. The site is structured in a way that allows students, graduates, postgraduates or people involved in providing career information to easily find what they want to know Working in the industry

Many roles in the pharmaceutical industry require science or engineering qualifications, but companies also recruit people without a science background into roles in sales and marketing, IT, human resources, training, finance and many administrative areas.

Medical representatives have to study for, and pass, the an exam for Medical Representatives within two years of starting to work in this role. The ABPI offers an accredited exam; to find out more please see our exam website.

Case studies

The actual path that individuals have taken to get into their current role, and how they see their future career developing, is highlighted in over 80 case studies on our careers website. These include undergraduates doing a work placement, people who joined a company straight from school and have studied part-time once employed, and others who have had several role changes in their career to date.

Pharmaceutical recruiters

Information on opportunities in ABPI member companies can be found in the Pharmaceutical recruiters section of our careers website.