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28 January 2020

Immigration reforms must support UK life sciences

In a week that has seen a Global Talent visa launched, the ABPI has welcomed the Government’s ambition to build a future immigration system which supports the UK’s thriving life sciences sector.

22 January 2020

Government launches Statutory Scheme consultation

The DHSC has announced a consultation into the Statutory Scheme. This looks at amending the payment percentages in the Branded Health Service Medicines (Costs) Regulations 2018. 

21 January 2020

Pharmaceutical companies give NHS Scotland £1 million a week to help fund new treatments

NHS Scotland will receive £70 million from a scheme which helps keep medicines costs under control, according to new data released by ABPI Scotland in the first session of the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee Inquiry into medicines.

14 January 2020

Novartis announces new collaboration for patients

Novartis has announced a collaboration with NHS England, the National Institute for Health Research and Oxford University.



06 January 2020

How improving CID trials could get innovative treatments to patients faster

Recommendations have been published in the British Journal of Cancer on how best to conduct Complex Innovative Design (CID) trials. Dr Ali Hansford, Head of Regulatory Strategy Policy, looks into these recommendations in more detail.

15 November 2019

Haseeb Ahmad: What our new manifesto means for patients

The ABPI's President Haseeb Ahmad has written a comment piece on the launch of our 2020 Manifesto for Medicine.